Designed to help your players learn the game better

Turn your 2D plays into a 3D interactive video game with VReps basketball

Here's how it works

Draw plays in 2D

Coaches draw plays in 2D for free using our Draw web software. Add in all the important details of a play, like pass type, where players should look, timing, and more. Add options to plays that rely on different game reads.

Share plays in 3D

After drawing plays, coaches share playlists of plays with their team. Players can watch the shared plays in 3D on any mobile device on their own time.

Get reps off the court

Players can step onto the court in any position and interact with the play like a video game. Watch in first person or any camera view to get a feel for reading real game situations.

Test your knowledge

Reinforce important concepts by asking players questions during a play or adding explanations. And coaches get analytics showing how well each player understands each play.

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"VReps is on the forefront of where the basketball world is heading."

Duncan Robinson

Guard, Miami Heat