VReps is transforming sports training

What we do

Our Mission

At VReps, our mission is to transform sports training and strategy with cutting-edge technology.

Leveraging our revolutionary technology, we merge traditional coaching with interactive, modern learning tools, enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Who we are

The VReps Advantage: Experience & Innovation

Top minds in the game

At VReps, our team’s expertise spans decades in the high-pressure courts of the WNBA and NBA to the developmental leagues of amateur basketball. This wide-ranging expertise enables us to craft training and strategy solutions that are universally applicable, offering significant benefits to players and coaches at every level.

Top engineers in the field

Our engineering team consists of skilled professionals in software, AI, and VR development. They’re committed to creating robust and innovative solutions that redefine how sport is taught and learned.

Product with purpose

Every feature in VReps is designed with intentionality. Our products aim to bridge the gap between traditional training methods and the evolving needs of modern coaching and playing.

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning

Our use of AI and machine learning enables personalized training experiences and advanced analytics, providing coaches and players with insights previously unattainable.

Community-Centric Approach

We believe in the power of community. VReps actively fosters a collaborative environment where coaches, players, and tech experts can come together to push the boundaries of sports training.

Innovation Through Collaboration

Our success is fueled by collaboration, both within our team and with our users. We continually engage with the community to ensure our technology meets real-world needs and keeps evolving.

What’s happening 🔥

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Virtual Repetitions was founded by Shawn Cooper in 2015 while he was a student at the University of Michigan

Our founder, Shawn Cooper, was a practice player for Michigan Women’s Basketball, and found himself and other practice players struggling to internalize scouts for upcoming opponents from the 2D diagrams and written notes included in traditional scouting reports. He felt there had to be a modern approach to better communicate on-court knowledge. His technical background in computer science and video games led him to imagine a workflow for players that felt more like a video game than reading a report. 


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