As the sport of ultimate rapidly grows, highly regarded coach Frank Nam joins forces with tech startup Virtual Repetitions to create an ultimate-specific virtual playbook software. Nam’s experiences coaching multiple nationals-level ultimate teams, high-level youth teams, and South Korea’s national team, gives him an exceptional understanding of the challenges inherent in teaching strategy to a large group of players with different learning styles. While some players might be able to comprehend a two dimensional drawing of a complex play, other players may need to see the play in action or run through the play in a more hands-on fashion in order to understand it. “I have coached a wide range of experiences and skill-sets. People come into the sport with different learning styles,” says Nam. In an ideal world, coaches would have the flexibility to tailor their feedback and teaching to help each player reach their full potential. However, as an ultimate coach singlehandedly leading a large group, teaching to a variety of learning styles is inefficient and time-consuming. This is where Nam sees the exciting potential of Virtual Repetitions–or “VReps”–to boost the sport of ultimate. “This software could supercharge the growth of ultimate coaching across the country, with a ripple effect of benefits to players, coaches, and the sport at large.” Virtual Repetitions is a software that transforms a two-dimensional playbook into a three-dimensional video game playback, allowing users to watch and interact with plays from any perspective on the field. It’s a win-win: Players walk home with a video game interface of their playbook, and coaches get a dashboard showing how well each player has mastered the plays. VReps masterfully combines the simplicity of drawing on a chalkboard with the benefit of seeing the play run live. “I am thoroughly impressed with how VReps’ 2D and 3D environments improve learning across many different styles and speeds of learners,” Nam stated. “I am excited to come on board to help develop this important teaching tool.” Interested in helping develop VReps for ultimate? We are recruiting coaches from across the nation to test the program and give feedback. Reach out to for more information.

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