Leverage IQ Lab to Level Up Your Training Business

Embrace the future of sports training with VReps’ IQ Lab. Transform how you deliver basketball knowledge, making your sessions more engaging, efficient, and effective. Equip your athletes with the latest tools to boost their in-game performance.

Launch with Pre-built Content and Tailor to Your Needs

Hit the ground running with VReps’ extensive library of ready-to-use basketball scenarios and drills. On day one, you can offer a comprehensive training experience. As you progress, take full control by expanding, editing, or customizing the educational content to align perfectly with your training philosophy and the unique needs of your users.

Generate an Entirely New Revenue Stream from Your Existing Clientele

Monetize your expertise in an innovative way. With IQ Lab, not only can you enhance your players’ training experience, but you can also offer premium content and subscription models. Turn your IQ training into a new subscription, all while adding immense value to your players’ development journey.

Grow Beyond Your Local Player Base to Train Anyone, Anywhere with Our Platform

The world is your training ground. Break geographical barriers and tap into your audience eager to learn and excel. Whether it’s an up-and-coming player in another city or a budding talent halfway across the world, with VReps, distance is no longer an obstacle to delivering your top-tier training.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a 15 minute call with us to learn more about IQ Lab and how it might fit into your business.


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